Three Ways to Help You Type Faster

There are so many advantages you will get if you can type faster. You can be more productive and you also can appear more professional in front of your boss. Since it is very essential, you can get typing lessons for beginners if you think it is necessary to improve your skill. The bottom line is you need to keep practicing if you want to type faster and here are the things you need to learn to improve your typing skill.

Use Ten Fingers

If you can type so fast by only using two fingers, imagine what you can achieve with ten. However, the key in improving speed while typing is not using all of your fingers but also use each finger to press certain letter. Learning and memorizing the keyboard scheme can be very difficult. This is why taking free typing lessons for beginners can be very beneficial at this stage.

Memorize the Keyboard Shortcut

Moving your hand from the keyboard to the mouse might seem very simple. But if you need to do it over and over again, it can exhaust you at some point. To make light of your job a little bit, you actually can take advantage of the keyboard shortcuts. Pressing Ctrl + C to copy and Ctrl + V to paste is much easier compared to moving your hand to the mouse and do the usual right click and left click.

Learn Touch Typing

After you can use all your ten fingers to type and memorize all the keyboard shortcuts, your typing speed will improve tremendously. But if you want to work even faster, you need to learn touch typing. If you can type without having to steal glances to the keyboard, you can be more productive and also concentrate to what you are working on.


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